The Traditional Catholic Liturgical Year


     Just as the Latin Tridentine Mass is filled with beauty, reverence and symbolism,, so too is the traditional Catholic Liturgical Year.  Each month and each day of the week is named for a special devotion.  We can join in the richness of our Catholic faith by following the days, weeks, seasons and feastdays of the traditional calendar in a natural rhythm that brings us ever closer to God and our Holy Mother Church. 


     THE DAYS OF THE WEEK                       DEDICATED TO:


      SUNDAY                                                   HOLY TRINITY

      MONDAY                                                 HOLY ANGELS

      TUESDAY                                                 THE APOSTLES

      WEDNESDAY                                           ST. JOSEPH

      THURSDAY                                             THE HOLY EUCHARIST

       FRIDAY                                                   THE PASSION

       SATURDAY                                             OUR LADY




      THE MONTHS                                          DEDICATED TO:


       JANUARY                                               THE HOLY NAME

       FEBRUARY                                             THE PASSION

       MARCH                                                    ST. JOSEPH

       APRIL                                                       THE HOLY EUCHARIST

       MAY                                                         OUR LADY

       JUNE                                                        THE SACRED HEART

       JULY                                                        THE PRECIOUS BLOOD

       AUGUST                                                   THE IMMACULATE HEART

       SEPTEMBER                                           THE SEVEN DOLOURS (SORROWS) OF

                                                                        OUR MOTHER

       OCTOBER                                               THE HOLY ROSARY

       NOVEMBER                                           THE POOR SOULS IN PURGATORY

       DECEMBER                                            DIVINE INFANCY


     The Saint Benedict Center, Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, offers a beautiful Traditional Calendar with illuminated manuscript- type illustrations, a prayer dedicated to each month, and a page listing the laws of fast, abstinence, and Ember days, corporal and spiritual works of mercy, holy days of obligation, the ten commandments, the six chief commandments of the Church, the twelve fruits of the Holy Ghost, and the seven capital sins.








The 2010 Traditional Saints calendar may be ordered as follows:

By mail:  Saint Benedict Center

                Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

                PO Box 1000

                282 Still River Road

                Still River, MA  01467              

By telephone:  1-978-456-8296

By Internet


 Saints Galore Catholic Publishing offers a Traditional Calendar that “…is dedicated to the Immaculate Conception of Our Lady.  It follows the Liturgical year for both Latin Tridentine and the Novos Ordo forms of the Roman Rite of the Catholic Church.  This calendar features traditional images seen nowhere else, to honor each dedication of the month.  It features the saint of the day, denotes the liturgical color of the day, gives reminders for novenas, includes quotes from the saints, and contains many beautiful and traditional prayers.”  To order this calendar by telephone, call 1-817-741-1959 or by Internet


Another Traditional Calendar is available from the Sisters of Carmel.  Their description is as follows:  Filled with inspiration and devotion

               Used by Traditional Latin Mass groups all over the US and Canada

               Elegant and classic reproductions for each month

               Includes a special guide, summary of truths of the Catholic faith, patron saints 

                   and prayers section

               Wonderful reminder of the Catholic faith everyday with lessons for a lifetime.

               Helps restore the true meaning of life and its direction.

               Sundays, Holydays, fast and abstinence printed in red.



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