Why Latin?


"...And most noteworthy of all, by a sublimely wondrous leading event in world history, Latin, the relatively least altered model of God-granted Proto-Indo-European speech pattern, has been destined by Almighty Godís Providence to become the central language of His One Holy Universal, Catholic and Apostolic Church and of Christian Culture and Civilization in general..." Kajak Balekjian, Templeton Prize Nominee, "Language & Eternal Word: Indo-European & the Armenic Cradle of Man"

Latina Christiana - start here...

Henle Latin Series - ...and continue here...

Lingua Angelica - ...and this throughout.

Latin reader - Gospel of Luke (interlinear).  Completion time:  2010

When did Latin become the language of the Church?  A short, but fascinating discussion....
... and here's a longer article.

Sacred Languages: LATIN, GREEK, AND HEBREW:  Another misconception is that the Church, even in Rome and Italy, used a Greek vernacular exclusively for the first two or three
centuries, then changed to a vernacular Latin. Until recently, this had been the common scholarly opinion. More recent evidence, however, ...(see article)

Why Latin is the official Language of the Church and what the Popes have said about it

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