"...Two principles of the Public Law of the Church:
        1.  The State has the duty of professing its religion, even socially and publicly.
        2.  It is the duty of Rulers to see to it that the moral principles of the True Religion inspire the social activity of the State as such, and its legislation.

        1.  The State can - and should - accomplish acts of religion.
        2.  The State's obligation can - and should - enter the Constitutional sphere.
        3.  There is an obligation for a State to profess the Catholic Religion.

"All points drive to this conclusion:  Justice forbids, and reason itself forbids, the State to be godless; or to adopt a line of action which would end in godlessness - namely, to treat the various religions alike, and to bestow upon them promiscuously equal rights and privileges."  Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani, "Duties of the Catholic State"

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U.S. Catholic %

Minnesota:  non-Obama (A is best, 9 is worst, but * is so bad it isn't rated)

Minnesota:  strongest areas (Catholic & non-Obama)

South Dakota:

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"Reinventing" Government - Part I:  Voting

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Covadonga : "Cova Doņa" = "Cave of the Madonna" : the obscure rural stronghold wherewith Christian Spain was preserved... and from which the Reconquest could then begin...

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