Quo Vadis?  "Where Do We Go From Here?"

We use this discussion to record suggestions about the items that should or shouldn't be included in our meetings, and also as a forum to engage in a public dialog regarding the merits and priority of various plans of action.  Anyone is welcome to submit suggestions.

Knowledge Base

We use this discussion to record common questions and answers that crop up in the course of working on our project. Appropriate topics include "Why the 'Tridentine' Mass?", "History of the Latin Mass", "What is the current legal status of the Traditional Latin Mass?", "What authorization does a priest need to celebrate the Traditional Mass?", "What is the 'Indult Mass'?", "History of the New Mass", "What is a 'High Mass'?", "What is 'church music'?", "Where can I find a Latin Mass?" and anything else that people in the project or interested in similar areas would find generally useful.


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